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Excavation Mark! Talk _October24.001.jpe

November 23, 2018

In Conversation >

12:00 pm

Artists Olivia Hild, Matan Oren and Ronnie Karfiol, together with curator Amit Shemma, will join forces for a closing talk of the exhibition Excavation Mark! Reveal Preserve Glorify. The talk will be held at Hansen House, Jerusalem, in the main exhibition space. For further information press here >>

Excavation Mark! Talk _October24.001.jpe

November 13, 2018

Talks about Germany III >

7:00 pm

In a series of personal conversations, Wolf Iro, head of the Goethe-Institut Israel, talks with Israeli interlocutors about changing topics related to Germany.

     This time, Wolf Iro will speak with Amit Shemma, graduate of the Bezalel Academy, Erasmus+ fund recipient, performer of Documenta14 in Kassel and curator of the exhibition Excavation Mark! Reveal Preserve Glorify at Hansen House. For further information press here >>

Excavation Mark! Talk _October24.001.jpe

October 24, 2018

Preview Talk >

12:00 pm

The Master Program of Policy & Theory of the Arts at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem is happy to host a Preview Talk with artists Patrick Hough and Jason king with Max Clausen and Louisa Raspé. [Meeting point at the patio of Hansen House]. For further information press here >>

Hansen House3.jpg

October 24, 2018

Opening Night >

7:00 pm

Come and join us for the opening of Excavation Mark! Reveal Preserve Glorify at Hansen House | Center for Design, Media, and Technology, Jerusalem.


October 24, 2018

Vernissage performance by

Jason King with Max Clausen and Louisa Raspé 

8:30 pm

A world premier of HermaphroditX: A Fashion for 

All Time, a performance by Jason king with Max Clausen and Louisa Raspé.

More to come...


October 24, 2018

S H I R A N feat. Yossi Fine

The Mixer – Manofim Festival Musical Program >

9:00 pm

S H I R A N (Shiran Abraham) presents inspired music that unfold the tales of coming to Israel from Yemen, in Hebrew and Judeo-Yemeni Arabic. Featuring world known musician and producer Yossi Fine. For further information press here >>

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